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My Studio Makeover

I started thinking about revamping my sewing studio about 6 months ago. The more I thought about what I wanted, the more I put the project off.  Seems to be a running theme in my life, over think the project instead of actually doing anything Thunderstorms are common here in July and August so I convinced myself that it would be the perfect time. 

Step one:Empty the room.

I wanted to work with an empty pallet. I set up some tables in the family room and started hauling things out. Once the room was cleared, I began configuring the set up: 2 sewing cabinets, 3 machines, one cutting station, one pressing station. I moved the cabinets up against the walls; they had previously been somewhat in the center of the room. What a difference! I’m thrilled with the amount of floor space it opened up.

Step Two: Spend Money

Whenever I go off on an organizing spree, it somehow costs me money. I decided to get a cutting table. A super sturdy one would have been my first choice. I ended up buying a craft table at a big box store. (It was on sale half off and I had a coupon for 15% off that.Super Sturdy will have to wait until I’m rich and famous.) When I was younger, assembling furniture was a fairly regular event. The thought of sitting on the floor let alone getting off the floor sent me into a tizzy. Then I saw my kitchen table, lonely, waiting for me to use it. Using allen wrenches, screwdrivers, etc is so much easier standing up or sitting in a chair. The most difficult part was getting my new table off the kitchen table.  My next spending adventure was  wall mounted magnetic knife racks. I know I’ve seen this before, but it is genius. I got two and they hold my scissors and rotary cutters. No more cute little silverware holders lying around, ok falling on the floor. I added a magnetic pen cup to put my sheaths in so when my scissors have to travel, they can do so safely.

Magnetic Knife rack

Step Three: Make mistakes

Yep, we all make them.  Measure twice, cut once. I discovered this also applies to putting holes in your wall and not just cutting fabric. So now I have a few more holes in my wall then what I need, or actually want. I will either figure out a way to cover them, use them or eventually repair UGH! them.

Step Four: Step Away

Sometimes you just have to walk away. I am happy with how the space is coming together, but I really really want/need some creative time. I’m taking a break from organizing, cleaning, spending, etc. to make a table runner.

I’ll return to this project in a few days.

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SPAM! BLAM! Thank You, Ma’am.

The blogging world is if nothing else, vulnerable.  I will admit, that I jumped in without much knowledge of what I was getting in to.  I set a goal and decided to blog about it. Since the goal included a monthly challenge and the end of January was approaching, I made the decision to jump in and figure it out later. I still stand by that decision. You know that phrase: “had I known then what I know now?” …. I still would have started this blog, but it would probably be forever lingering in the conceptual stage.  I’d be all caught up in design and content.  The fear of “competing” with other bloggers would kick in and I’d be spending all my time reading other’s blogs and not doing what I love; which is sewing. Sometimes you just have to jump.

When you jump, you learn things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. The lesson I’ve learned this week centers around SPAM aka as BLAM in the blogging world. I opened my blog up to comments and then I discovered that spam comes to blogger’s in-boxes just like any other in box. I wasn’t prepared for that or the shock when I found my “spam” folder.  What!?! There’s a spam folder? That means I have to keep an eye on it.  I guess I didn’t spend much time thinking that this is a two-way street.  I blog: Readers comment.

This is my first apology. I hope there won’t be too many more, but I’m not foolish enough to think this road will not have any more bumps. I’m sorry your comments lived in my spam folder for so long. I will work on keeping up on this little chore. For those of you that are commenting in an effort to attract me as a client for your online website services; I’m pretty happy with what I got right now.

There is always room for improvement and as I learn. I’ll make the changes I feel work for me. We are all always a work in progress.

Thanks for being here,

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