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Nails painted with sewing tools. Thread, scissors.

Weathering Winter

Winter is upon us here in the US. I don’t drink as much as I should; I think the cold doesn’t require a nice glass of ice water like in the heat of the summer.  Keeping hydrated is important for your health, which includes your skin.  Fabric draws moisture right out of our hands making […]

Happy New Year

Intentions for the New Year It is already a week into 2022 and my best intention of writing a New Year’s post is a tad late. I could have just scraped the idea, but I want to get this year off to a good start. Resolutions always seemed so negative to me. “I won’t buy […]

Snails Trail Accuquilt

Lucky Lola

I’ve wanted to make a scrappy Snail’s Trail quilt for some time now. Over the weekend I decided to start and promptly got all my scraps out of hiding and went to work. Originally, I wanted to use white on white as the background, but I don’t have enough white on white. It took forever […]