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Weathering Winter

Nails painted with sewing tools. Thread, scissors.

Winter is upon us here in the US. I don’t drink as much as I should; I think the cold doesn’t require a nice glass of ice water like in the heat of the summer.  Keeping hydrated is important for your health, which includes your skin.  Fabric draws moisture right out of our hands making them dryer than ever especially in the winter. Having heat in your home adds to that dryness.

Spend a few minutes daily pampering your hands. Jojoba Oil does wonders for your cuticles which helps to eliminate hangnails that can get caught in your fabric. OUCH! You can find some at Amazon or local health food stores. I apply twice daily. I use hand lotion before and after every sewing session as well.

Treat yourself to a manicure either at home or professionally. I find the time I spend on my nails relaxing; no matter where that is. For a quick at home fix, mix some Kosher or Sea Salt with bath gel. Scrub your hands, rinse well, and then apply lotion. Feels sew good.

I also need to be more aware of static electricity when I’m sewing this time of year.  My studio is carpeted, and I mostly wear just socks. That creates static electricity which can be disastrous for my computerized sewing machines. Maybe it’s time to invest in an anti-static mat; until that happens, I’ll just continue to be extra careful.

Every season presents its challenges, but there is nothing we can’t overcome. I hope you enjoy your winter sewing sessions and take the time to pamper yourself; even just a little.