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In January of 2014, I made the decision to complete a project every month. Please keep in mind, I said complete. This will not always be something that is done from start to finish. Sewers/Quilters traditionally have closets full of UFO’s.  We start something, get bored with it, put it away……with every intention of finishing it one day.  I often wonder if other art mediums have similar traits. Feel free to join me on this adventure. I can’t promise there won’t be blood shed, after all we are working with needles and scissors, but I do promise it won’t be boring.

January 2015 Update:

I’m happy to report that I met my goal for 2014 and learned a lot along the way. My intention is to continue writing and sewing and sharing what I learn: what works and what doesn’t. This year, I hope to add more tips and product reviews.

January 2016 Update:

This past year, I purchased a Westalee Ruler Foot and Template set from Sew Steady, those folk who make the gorgeous extension tables and cabinet inserts. I became hooked! After a few months of conversations, submitting samples, training, etc, I became one of their Promoted Instructors. I will be demoing the foot and templates at Quilt Shows and hope to meet a lot of fellow quilters.

January 2016 Update:

The last 12 months were a whirlwind. I spent most of my time in the West, but did manage a short trip to Ohio. Teaching and showing this technique has been a highlight of my year. When I was home, I busily made samples. Sew Fun.

January 2017 Update:

Well, I’m off again for another year of demoing and teaching. I love what these templates can do and spend any spare time I have coming up with designs.

January 2018 Update:

Been traveling, meeting people, learning new things. What a fun journey.

March 2019 Update

Traveling no more! I will be spending my time focusing on my on-line classes, trying new products, designing and making quilts. Who knows, perhaps I’ll gift one to myself.

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