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Happy New Year

Intentions for the New Year

It is already a week into 2022 and my best intention of writing a New Year’s post is a tad late. I could have just scraped the idea, but I want to get this year off to a good start.

Resolutions always seemed so negative to me. “I won’t buy anymore fabric until I use up what I have.” Or “I won’t start any projects until I finish my UFOs.”

I do have goals and intentions. For 2022, my goal is to produce more content. What does that look like? Well, I intend to write more blog posts, increase my social media presence, and provide more educational materials.

I’ve got a few ideas; one will be making a small quilt starting from picking the right fabric to putting on the binding.

What would you like to learn this year? Perhaps it’s applique, or paper piecing. Or ideas on using all those decorative stitches on your machine. Let me know; maybe your intentions will become my content.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2022.


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I would like to see some more edge to edge quilting ideas using rulers.

  2. I love edge to edge designs. Once you get in the groove, they go so quickly. I’ll put this on the list.

    1. I have found that some quilt designs just don’t fit into the regular ruler designs. Thank you for including edge to edge designs on you list.

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