Spin-e-Fex 4J&T by Westalee Design



The Westalee Design Spin-e-Fex line are the first quilting templates available to create segmented circular motifs, through a stitch-then-advance process. Spin-e-Fex creates its unique shapes by stitching around the perimeter of a simple template shape, advancing the template location, then stitch and repeat. Once all advances have been stitched, a beautifully intricate design is revealed! We launched Spin-e-Fex in January 2012 and the range has been growing ever since. Try a Spin-e-Fex template for elaborate simplicity!

Create beautiful mandalas and flower-inspired designs, with various shapes and sizes get yours today and see what other design possibilities you come up with.

Our Spin-e-fex 4J&T Templates are sold as a 2pc set, and allow you to create 11-1/2″ stitched designs.

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