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Becoming An Artist

I was NOT one of those kids that loved Art Class in elementary school.  In fact, I dreaded it. I know, you’re thinking: who ddin’t love art class?  Me.  Honestly, I couldn’t draw.  Horses seemed to be a popular theme among my classmates in elementary school.  My drawings consisted of a house, on a hill, with a tree.  Sometimes I would add a fence.  It always looked like crap.  Then I would add the sun.  A boy showed me how to draw the rays of the sun: long ray, short ray, long ray, short ray.  That image is still fresh in my mind. His name was Peter.  I was very proud of my suns.  But, on a whole; still crap.

You may now be thinking; you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, it couldn’t have been that bad.  It was that bad and I’m not being hard; just honest.

I was good in math.  This led me down the left-brain road.  It also fit in well with my family.  I liked this road; it made sense to me.  It still does.  My creativity was masked in logic. I was a thinker. Besides, I couldn’t draw so I couldn’t be an artist.  I held that thought for most of my life.

Then I became a sewer and eventually a quilter.  I still thought that I wasn’t artistic.  I was just following a pattern and tweaking it here and there for whatever reason.  I was still a thinker; a creative one. And then one day it dawned on me, I am an artist. I choose the fabrics and I create dimensional art. Whether it is a skirt, a wall hanging, a purse, or a quilt… IS a piece of art.  What an eye opener.

I think as an artist.  The room I create in is “My Sewing Studio.”   I push my talent and have taken my craft to new levels. I try different  techniques and experiment on a regular basis. I am beginning to design quilts. Most importantly, I look at things differently.  I pay attention to color and shapes.

I’m still good at math, which ironically is a great talent to have in the sewing world.  I am still a logical thinker.  Again, a talent I tap into frequently.  But I am also creative and use both sides of my brain. I still can’t draw a horse, or a cat, or a flower for that matter.  That’s just fine with me.