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When a friend asks…..

I had just finished another quilt top and was ready to load it on the frame when I got the text.  A friend had been tasked with organizing a charity fund raiser and asked if I could make something.  It read something like this:

Friend: Can you make something for us?

Me: Sure, what do you want?

Friend: I don’t care.

Me: That’s not helpful. When do you need it?

Friend: When can you get it to me?

Me: How about after the weekend?

Friend: Perfect, thanks.

I have 4 full days and a new book, “The Better Bag Maker,” by Nicole Mallalieu. It’s a great book with interesting projects.  I can skip project one and go right to the second one.  I made my supply list and headed off to shop for something “summery.”   I turned cutting the pattern into more trouble than it’s worth.  Will anyone really know if the bag is 3/4 of an inch larger than the original pattern calls for?  Of course not, but I’m following directions to the T.  My mom had a policy: Never try a new recipe out on company.  I wish I had remembered that before I cut the fabric.  Live and learn.

It’s going to be a great bag and hopefully only half a day later than promised.  We are enjoying an afternoon and evening of thunderstorms and all of my toys are safely unplugged.  Here’s hoping for a clear morning.