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August: Flower Power

Flower Power finished

In July I started reorganizing my studio and when August rolled around I was ready for a break. I needed to sew. I had seen Eleanor Burns on Fons and Porter and decided a table runner was perfect. I love Quilt in a Day© patterns.  This one is called Flower Power. I am not a big fan of hexies, but this doesn’t scream “Look at me, I am hexie pattern.” Then there is the added bonus of no Y seams, plus I had the pattern. You can buy either the Flower Power pattern or the Honeycomb Quilt pattern which includes the table runner instructions. I picked up some fabric and got to work.

The cutting was easy peaszy with the templates or rulers; which ever you have. I cut Saturday night and pieced it on Sunday. The piecing is all straight seams and since the tips are cut off, there is no thinking! There is even a fabric chart if you happen to have an Accuquilt®. Because I have to over think everything, the quilting took over my brain.  Do I grid quilt it with my walking foot?  Do I put it on the frame?  Do I quilt it in the embroidery hoop? BINGO, the hoop it is. Now for a pattern.  Six triangles make a hexie, so each flower is quilted with 6 triangles. There are four more triangles (the grey hexies between the flowers.) I’ve done the math, it’s 22 triangles. The alignment was fairly simple; although not perfect. I used light grey thread so you can hardly see it.

The big question I have when making a quilt is, would I do it again? In this case, the answer is definitely, YES. That being said, what I might change is the darker grey hexies between the flowers. I think I would like it better if they were the same color as the background. I’ve also been studying the pattern and think there are some fun things you could do. If you made the center of each flower the same fabric as the center accent (orange in this case) you would have a 6 pointed star.  This is also the perfect pattern for holiday runners and I’ve been looking at each flower as a placemat pattern.  I’m telling you, my mind is just having a blast!

Well, August is done, September is well on its way, and October is on the launching pad. That leaves November and December for doing holiday gifts.

SPOILER ALERT: I will probably reach my goal.

I wonder what 2015 will bring……

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