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What Now?


I spent yesterday reflecting on 2014. I met my goal of finishing a project a month and blogging about it. Yeah Me! I will admit that there were times I got so caught up in the goal, that I lost sight of enjoying the process. I would say that applies both to my sewing and blogging. Perfectionism got the better part of me. Letting go of perfect seams and perfect grammar is something I would like to practice moving forward.

Re-engineering is an activity that not only excites but also relaxes me. When I was young, my mother would give me a math book to calm me down. I believe focusing all your energy into thinking allows the remainder of your body to loosen up. Letting go for the sake of completion is difficult for me and usually only wins when there is a deadline approaching. I did, however,  manage to curb my “there has to be a better way” mentality on a few occasions.

Looking Forward:

The list is long. Diversity is a theme I would like to focus on in all aspects of my life.

Professionally, the plan is to create more blog topics; products, tips, techniques, and notions…..lots and lots of notions. I would like to expand technologically. Grow as a teacher. Apply new sewing techniques.  Design and write.

Many years ago, my New Year’s resolution was: Don’t Give Up. That statement lives on and guides me to this day.

I wish everyone the best in 2015