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Should of gone to Paducah

Hind site is always 20/20 and this was no exception. I spent a week in the Midwest recently. Not really close enough for a side trip to Paducah, Ky, but maybe I should have figured it out. Most quilters will find a way to work their passion into any trip, whether it is 100 miles from where they live or half way across the world. There are quilt shops and sewing machine dealers that are just begging for out of towners to pop in.

During this trip, I was staying about 90 miles from the Quilter’s Hall of Fame and what kind of quilter would I be if I didn’t go check it out? Plus, Eleanor Burns was inducted a few years ago and besides being one of my favorite quilting celebrities, I had the honor of taking her Teacher’s Certification course. She really is an amazing woman and I encourage you to meet her if you have the chance. Who wouldn’t want to see anything of hers?

So, I found myself driving through rural Indiana or my way to Marion. The drive was reminiscent of my days as a youth; driving through farmland, quaint little towns filled with red-brick buildings and white picket fences. I have lived in the desert for over 35 years, so I’ll admit to chuckling when crossing rivers with running water. Where I live, the river beds are dry, save for a few months in the summer when we’re lucky enough to get enough rain to fill them.

When I arrived at my destination, I found a cute yellow house. There is quit a history to this building and I encourage you to read about it. And that is where the interest for me ended. I’m not sure what I expected and if I had done more reading I might not have been disappointed. I was hoping to see more works and information on all the inductees, but the only HOF display was of this year’s recipient. I’m not minimizing their accomplishments, just wish there had been more to see.

They did have a book for sale with previous inductees ending in 2011. Eleanor was inducted in 2012. I didn’t buy the book.

I filled my heart with a few little purchases in the gift shop: pins, holiday ornaments, knick knacks and the like. On the way back to my hotel (90 miles away), I took in the scenery and the trip became more focused on the journey and not the destination. In the end, I would have regretted not going so I am glad that I did.

Paducah is still on my list and one day, I’ll make the journey. I understand it has changed some since I was there over 30 years ago.