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Win a Private On-Line Session


I’m celebrating! I now have over 500 subscribers on my mailing list. Sew to celebrate I’m giving away a Private 2-hour On-Line Session. Simply post a comment on this post telling me what you would like to learn or discuss if you win. Entries will be accepted until midnight January 28, 2019 PST. I will choose a winner from the comments at random on January 31, 2019. I’ll notify the winner by email, if I have that info. I will also post a comment here, so be sure to check back. Better yet, be sure to sign up for my mailing list and feel free to share with fellow quilters.


Update: The contest is closed and a winner will be announced on January 31, 2019. Good Luck Everyone.

And the winner is:



46 thoughts on “Win a Private On-Line Session

  1. I have taken one of your classes on line and was very happy. Would love to win

  2. I would love to win to learn how to use the circles on quilts templates/rulers. I’m taking your beginner class and plan to take the feathers course next

  3. I need practice time…how, where. How to guess ahead where to go next as quilting, what fits where and where to stop if I have to think before proceeding. Learn how to pick two complimentary designs per quilt top (so when my sister rejects the first one I have an alternate ready.) I would love to learn some complex designs with the rulers in my collection – I like the spirograph/pointed medallion designs. How to quilt around appliques. I’m so excited. Congratulations on 500! This is super great.

  4. Looking forward to a class with the feathers so wiuld really like the one on the flying bell curve!

  5. Hi Pam — thanks for running this contest. I class with you would be so valuable. I would like to learn how to use the rulers for more creative designs especially for larger blocks.

  6. I would like to learn how to do rulers for quilting. I played around the other day, and was amazed how easy it seemed to be for me. Now to work on designs. Need to order the 6 piece set yet.

  7. What a generous way to celebrate this milestone for your mailing list! It would be a difficult choice to make on the subject, especially when you are offering a trunk show. But I think my most challenging problem is using the border templates to go around corners. I’m sure there must be some things you do to make them flow. Maybe watching you as you measure, space and stitch would help me get rid of my mental block with these templates.

  8. Thanks for the classes! They are very helpful! Now to find the time to practice. I struggle with what to quilt on the quilt! And the next is going around border corners.

  9. I would like to discuss using the feathers set and how to go around a corner so I would be able to fill half of a log cabin block with feathers. Thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on the growing following you have! I’m happy for you. 🙂

  10. I would love to relearn the feathers I’m making a pineapple quilt and will need to study the classes I took. You know if you don’t use it you loose it! I’ll be in Phoenix in a month for a retreat.

  11. Pam I would love to have another ruler work class with you. I’m still struggling with the feathers.

  12. Hi Pam, Congratulations on your updated number of followers!!
    If I were the lucky person to win time with your private instruction on feathers, it would certainly be the very best time spent on an area of my weakness with the quilting process. I await your results with this chance to win. I so look forward to our next class in a couple of weeks – you are an awesome instructor.

  13. I am new to ruler quilting and am finding it quite addictive!! Eager to learn more!

  14. I would love a private lesson with you. I would even invite my 4 friends that do ruler work to listen!

  15. I have just signed up for two classes and am so excited but would love to win a private session with you to help me be more confident in using the entire system!

  16. Hi Pam,, more Ruler Quilting ideas please! I love your classes and my rulers!!

  17. Over the last year, I’ve felt your inspiration and been moved by your motivation. I’d like our private time to be split. First, I’d like to hear what led you to take on this endeavor. Do you have a crew of helpers or are you doing all this solo? How do you structure your day being your own boss or do you just let it flow. Things like that. Second, I’d love to see how you applied the rulers to projects you’ve done. Maybe some words of wisdom that haven’t worked their way into your classes yet.

  18. I have the basic templates and have used them a little. I think I would like to know the in’s and out’s of them and how does one do a large quilt when the work full time? I do a lot of larger quilts. How do you do small blocks and then how do you attach them to a quilt. That maybe a dumb ? Thanks for the drawing 🙂

  19. I think my biggest dilemma is deciding what quilting design to use in my quilting. It takes me days to decide on something. Loving all your classes!

  20. WOW – what an awesome opportunity! I would love more information on working with my new Westalee Rulers!

  21. What a great lesson that would be! I would love to kick-start my ruler work experience this way.

  22. am I am taking your lessons now “Quilt as you go” & loving them. I can see I am making progress, but I would just love to learn with the feathers. They just make a quilt special, so I hope I can win. Thank you Pam for all your work its awesome.

  23. I would love to learn how use the the Westalee templates, in combination with free motion quilting, on my pieced quilts, rather than on plain fabrics. Thank you.

  24. I would love -love to win. I would love to learn quilting with feathers. I think they are just so beautiful when done on quilting. Also love all your classes. Thank you.

  25. A very generous offer celebrating #500❣️Who wouldn’t love to win. My goal is to learn ruler work and practice, practice, practice. What is keeping that from happening is planning and visualization. I’d love to learn how to design with what the rulers can provide.

  26. My collection of rulers are growing faster than my knowledge is on how to use them all. I’m hooked, just need to find more practice time. A refresher course and all the tips n tricks you can give me on design placement would be an enjoyable time🧵

  27. I just learned about you online class in a discussion about learning how to finish your own quilts. I have the ruler set and really need to practice using them. Improving my machine quilting skills is one of the goals for the year.

  28. I’m slow at quilting…I would like to learn how to be a little faster. 😁

  29. I have taken your basics class, which was wonderful….but I am stuck in the fear of actually trying! I just got the feathers set, and would love to learn how to use those templates.

  30. Would love to be really comfortable with the rulers and have no fear of taking on a project!

  31. I’m having issues with curves. I’m constructing hard on keeping the ruler foot on the inside edge of the ruler and forget to hold the ruler in place

  32. Would love a private session to discuss how to plan and design using Rulers on pieced quilt tops.

  33. I am currently taking your online ruler class and I am hooked. I haven’t done any dense quilting to date and I would love to be able to get some commentary on planning various sections and just how to determine how much quilting to do.

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