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Happy Birthday, Eleanor Burns!

Eleanor Burns’ PBS series is literally the reason I got into quilting. She is by far the best teacher for anyone learning to quilt. I agree there are a lot of great videos available today, but Eleanor’s step by steps demos will hone anyone’s skills. Whether it is ¼” seams, pressing, nesting, or picking up a great tip or two or a hundred, you cannot go wrong watching any Quilt In A Day video. I learned about strip piecing, trimming, and the ever-useful twirling seams from Eleanor. I learned my favorite method of applique from her and it is still the method I teach the most.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Quilt in A Day’s teacher training events. Learning from her and spending time in her studio was magical and I came home with a wealth of knowledge and tips that I added to my teaching toolbox. I will tell you that the Eleanor you see on YouTube (the modern version of PBS instructional shows) is the Eleanor I met. She is kind and generous with her time and her talents.

I see so many new quilters get frustrated because they don’t know how to check for a ¼’ seam or the proper way to press or fill in the blank. I encourage you to watch her videos, especially the older ones,  to learn the “right” way to piece. Yes, I am saying I think Eleanor’s way is the right way. Once you have the piecing skills, venture off to a myriad of quilting demos and fill your up your toolbox with endless piecing options.

We do have our differences; Eleanor prefers to do the quilting process by credit card, I prefer using a ruler foot and templates. The great part? Differences make us who we are and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grab yourself a beverage and click on over to YouTube. I am confident you’ll become a fan too.