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Madison Quilt Expo

I am the luckiest person I know! This past weekend, I had the honor of demoing Westalee Design by Sew Steady® products at the Madison Quilt Show. If that wasn’t enough, I was doing it in Nancy’s Notions’ Booth. I found myself in Southern Wisconsin, not far from where I grew up in Northern Illinois. The trip started shaky, with a 2 hour flight delay, but that proved to be the only hiccup.

Let me begin by saying the folks at Nancy’s Notions are some of the best I have every worked with and the customers were too much fun. Bucky Badger (from UW) and the band marched in and gave a performance that literally stopped the show for about 30 minutes. Only in a college town, could a mascot distract a quilter with a shopping bag. We all enjoyed the entertainment.

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Getting Ready to Publish

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Well, I’m getting closer to publishing my first pattern. I teach an applique class and was getting really frustrated with the patterns that are readily available, so I made my own. EQ7 made designing a snap.  I taught a class and the students were really great about testing this pattern and yes, found a few mistakes. I ran into issues when printing the templates; I won’t get into the details now, let’s just say I wasn’t happy with the process I was using.

Then Twitter jumped in. I’d been lax in using my Twitter account, but finally decided to jump in. Within hours, I got a tweet from an EQ instructor of all people.  This eventually led to us working on a great (and super efficient) way to do what I wanted. Ok, he did most of the work, I just added comments here and there. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but.,,,,,there will be a lesson posted to his website…..soon. When it is, I’ll post a link.

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Getting Connected: Phase I

logo_1Well, I finally did it. I started using Pinterest.  Well at least with regards to my blog. See the thing is there is a TON of stuff to look at out here in the cyber world. Chances are, you’ve fallen victim to surfing the web either into the wee hours of the night or some other time when you should be doing something else. That’s what happens when I go to my Pinterest account. I did learn about the google timer, you just have to try it. It’s a timer that you open in a separate tab or window and you set it for however long you want. This stops me from surfing too long.

Anyway, back to Pinterest and the internet for that matter. There is a lot of stuff out there and not all of it is good information; especially for a new sewer. I’ve said it before: anyone can post anything on the web. I both wish and am glad the web wasn’t so mainstream when I learned how to sew. Don’t misunderstand me, there is great info out there. The trick is separating  what’s garbage and what’s not. The best advice I can give is to use your machine’s manual. That and replace your needle often.

Next up: Facebook and Twitter. This being connected business is a lot of work!

For now, My Sassy Notions is up and running on Pinterest.  Feel free to follow me there.