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Happy Birthday Discount to Me!

Quilting fabric, patterrns, and booklets
My Birthday Haul


Yesterday, I went to two local quilt shops to cash in on my birthday discount. One shop offers 20%, the other half your age. The one day it actually pays to be older!

I came hope with 2 jelly rolls and fabric to make gifts for friends. A quilt kit for me!  Seriously, I actually bought something to make for myself. Picked up a Halloween applique pattern and a few free motion books. One of these days, I’ll conquer free motion. For the icing on my cake, I added quilt themed microfiber cleaning cloths. If you don’t own those, you should.

Hope you’re lucky enough to know quilt shops that offer birthday discounts.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Discount to Me!

  1. Happy birthday! You made out like a bandit.Have no idea what quilt themed microfiber cloths are. Then again, you are always educating your public.

    1. They are cloths that clean led screens without scratching; like phones, etc. Perhaps I’ll post about them. Thanks for the idea. Love sharing.

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