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Happy Birthday Discount to Me!

Quilting fabric, patterrns, and booklets
My Birthday Haul


Yesterday, I went to two local quilt shops to cash in on my birthday discount. One shop offers 20%, the other half your age. The one day it actually pays to be older!

I came hope with 2 jelly rolls and fabric to make gifts for friends. A quilt kit for me!  Seriously, I actually bought something to make for myself. Picked up a Halloween applique pattern and a few free motion books. One of these days, I’ll conquer free motion. For the icing on my cake, I added quilt themed microfiber cleaning cloths. If you don’t own those, you should.

Hope you’re lucky enough to know quilt shops that offer birthday discounts.

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My Go To Project

Spring Bouquet Block 1
Spring Bouquet Block 1

Sometimes I just want to sew. Doesn’t really matter what. I decided that I would start a project that I can easily put away and go to whenever I want something to work on. I have a quilt kit called Spring Bouquet. All of the applique pieces are laser cut and pre-fused. How awesome is that!

I cut the blocks and am starting the fusing process. Since the blocks are large, I plan to hang them from a pants hanger or use clothes pins. The blocks will stay nice and neat and whenever I get in the mood….I’ll just work on stitching down the applique!

I bought (ok, yes expensive, but beautiful and it was on sale, and….) silk thread that I will keep all together with a bobbin full of Bottom Line. I love this thread. I originally learned about it as a thread to use in the bobbin for machine embroidery. It is a 60wt poly thread, which makes it perfect for using in the bobbin when sewing decorative stitches. I have found that using grey means you don’t need to switch out your bobbin when you change your top thread color. I have both a dark and light grey so I’m ready for any color of fabric. Yes, I also have white and black, oh and cream.

If you come from the school of cotton only thread, please ignore the following statement. I have also used this thread when quilting in the ditch. (sinking the quilting threads into the seam).

I’m excited. I like the idea of having something to go to while having the freedom of working on whatever else may strike my fancy.

A final thought.

I started writing this post before I finished fusing the first block. There’s 9 blocks and over 6 yards of borders.


It might take me all year to finish and I’m sure I’ll get sick of it now and then.Who am I kidding, I’ll be lucky if I get it done this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love this pattern and the finished quilt will be amazing, even if I screw it up. And believe me, if there’s a way to screw it up, I’ll figure it out.