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Too Good To Be True!


If it looks too good, it probably is too good. In this age of internet shopping, we can become victim to all kinds of fraud. I have come across some ads on social media lately for products that just seem to be priced way too low. So I did some investigating and you know what? I was right. These usually fall into one of the following categories.


This is when someone copies another person’s/company’s product. Can be a sewing notion, pattern, picture, etc. This often ends up in a legal mess, but the damage may already have been done. Dealing with international copyright and patent laws is best left up to the lawyers. But guess what? As soon as ABC company is caught, they reappear as Company XYZ. Same people; new name.

The scary thing is they look legit with addresses in your country of residence. They have stores that take credit cards, just like the stores you use on a regular basis. Chances are if you actually receive the product, the quality will be far inferior to what was described.

Outright Scams:

You see something, you click on it, you want to buy it. Next you’re entering your credit card number, address, etc. Feels good; even exciting. And then it doesn’t. Oh, your card gets charged, but that’s where it ends. You never get the product. You never can contact customer service. Emails go unanswered. Now you have to get your bank involved. Not fun.

What can you do?

Not everyone is out to take your money. There are a lot of legitimate businesses out there floating in cyberspace. (mine included) Do some homework. Search their address. They process credit cards, just like the stores you use on a regular basis. They might even have a corporate logo so close to the original, it’s hard to tell it’s fake. Check the internet address aka URL.  The spelling could be off or a change in one letter: mysassynotions vs mysassynotion.  Search for the product and find out what it is actually selling for. Look at the pictures. You can right click on a picture and search for it in google images. This may or may not bring up the original. Do not rely on reviews and comments you see in ads.

Buy from reputable sources that respect copyright and patent laws.  If you have a question about what you are ordering, contact the company and make a decision based on their response. Ask your friends. Bottom line, shop smart.

Wishing all a stress-free shopping experience.